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Premier League Preview: Chelsea FR

Mardi 16 D├ęcembre 2014

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Lessons from last season

The 2013-14 campaign did not yield any trophies, a state of affairs that no previous manager has been able to survive under the attentive glare of owner Roman Abramovich. But the reason for this apparent change of tack from the Russian is clear. The acquisition last summer of arguably the world's greatest working manager would have been rendered pointless had he been shipped out at the earliest opportunity; it would also have made a farce of Chelsea's stated aim of building a new squad and identity to go with it. Patience is required for such a transition to take place effectively, and the development of the team over the past 12 months has been very encouraging.

Mourinho showed a willingness to play progressive, attacking football as well as the intelligence to eschew those principles should he be required to do so in order to get results. With more weaponry at his disposal for this coming season, there should be less need to make so many compromises.

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