Macmout, Inc. Client

A new website or Web application design doesn't mean that the site or application offers a Modern Web Experience

A Modern Web Experience with MoutDev Software means:

  • Faster browsing experience: no more browser loading entire pages when internal links and buttons are clicked.

  • Less data usage on mobile: only the necessary data loads, not the entire page

  • Search engines friendly single-page application (SPA) architecture: no more multi-pages Website or Web applications architecture. Only one main page reloads the necessary data, changes URLs and metadata with modern Web API.

  • Get an App-like experience: install on the home screen to get the feeling of a native mobile app or desktop application on the Web.

  • Taking full advantage of modern Web capabilities: with the modern JavaScript ES6, modern Web API, offline capabilities and the complete remove of the JQuery library dependency

  • Industry-specific applications integration: extend the functionality to execute dedicated tasks that help meet unique and specific needs.

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